Talent retention: keeping your grass greener

We often get asked about effective strategies to retain talent especially in an extremely competitive marketplace. Talent retention has become harder but adopting a few simple principles will keep the grass on your side of the fence just as green as that which lies on the other… making sure your people managers have the right skills to do their job well should minimise any fence hopping.

The majority of employees don’t quit jobs or companies, they quit managers. So, ask the question: How does your management team compare to your competitors?

We know that having well-trained managers will go a long way towards retaining your best employees. So, focus some of your retention efforts on helping managers be the kind of leaders that people want to work hard for. This will probably involve a leadership shift from managing to coaching.

At JourneyHR we’ve seen a sharp increase in the take up of workshops to train new managers in core people management skills. We’ve spent 60% of our time over the last quarter delivering new management workshops that enable our client’s team managers to give constructive feedback and manage performance effectively through coaching techniques.