Pearls of wisdom: our top ten tips for business success

2017 marks a special year for JourneyHR as we have reached the ripe old age of seven! We’ve learnt a great deal over the years, particularly the importance of learning from others. So, to celebrate, we are sharing the business mantras that have led us this far. We hope they may help other entrepreneurs and business leaders on their own journeys.

  • Always stay true to your core values – only work with clients who mirror those values and with whom you can work in true partnership
  • Define your Employee Value Proposition – combine your culture, mission, values and branding into one consistent experience for employees and clients
  • Be a great listener – it’s impossible to truly communicate effectively if you don’t listen
  • Share information – employees at all levels will feel inspired, engaged and motivated to contribute if they know what they’re contributing to
  • Be creative – pursue initiatives that are engaging and innovative, don’t be nervous about ripping up the rule book
  • Get wellbeing onto the agenda – find ways of genuinely bringing wellbeing to life at work
  • Think strategically – influence business strategy, rather than “policing a process”
  • Recruitment is changing – candidates now have the power to find out about businesses and are becoming choosier about who they want to work with. Remember this in the questions you ask and experience you offer
  • Prepare for the future – millennials will soon be the core of our workforce (70-80%), which means fluidity and flexibility in HR policies will become more important
  • Don’t underestimate the power of HR – use it to influence and drive the business. Be commercial, think about how HR can add value – and measure it

Thank you to all of our friends and colleagues that have supported us as we strive to create better places to work, for ourselves and others.