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HR horrors you can probably relate to

Knowing how to manage staff can be as much a trick as it is a treat. But, how many of these ghoulish habits or startling attitudes are you all too familiar with?

Ghosts in the department
We’ve all seen it – individuals whose skills and expertise are superb, but they are too shy to participate in group activities, brainstorms or just the general office buzz. They risk fading into the background, becoming like a ghost to the rest of the office. Just because they may be quiet, doesn’t mean they aren’t a right fit for the business. So how can you turn a timid ghost into a confident Casper? A positive culture, that instils confidence and has an inclusive atmosphere can spirit this shyness away.

Managing mad scientists
On the other hand, there are some employees who are bursting at the seams with ideas and creativity. Their enthusiasm can help create amazing projects or innovative ways of working but it needs to be managed effectively. If it isn’t, their enthusiasm can be misconstrued as bullishness or lack of teamwork especially around more introverted staff. They may also show a tendency to not see projects through to completion which can hamper operations. Providing a structure that hones this creativity will help them see ideas through to the end while working effectively with other team members.

Making staff fang-tastic
It’s 9:00pm, the lights are out, and the office is empty…or is it? In the darkness, lit only by the glow of a computer monitor are those creatures of the night; those that stay in the office until late, working from dusk ‘til dawn. Don’t let them struggle – find out why. Make sure they have a manageable workload, understand their role, don’t have unrealistic managers or aren’t lacking in a skill. But be wary of those ever-efficient night owls. Unlike the wannabe 24-hour creatures, whose day time productivity constantly suffers, a night owl will do their best work when the office is quiet, and the moon is out. That’s when you need to encourage flexibility and a culture that accepts different approaches to working.

Opening the tomb
Any business that’s had a group of employees for a few years will have been through a ‘slump’. Productivity lowers, staff become demotivated and they disengage from the business. It’s important to recognise the signs of when this happens. These employees are still valuable assets, but without proper attention they risk mummifying in the day-to-day routine. Be sure to take the leap and ask what’s affecting your staff. An employee engagement survey will help identify what needs to be done to improve the business and breathe new life into these lost souls. If run at least once a year, the company will have regular insight into the attitudes of staff and can tailor the business to suit their needs.

It may be a spooky time of year but that’s all the more reason to face your demons. There are always methods to get staff on board and make the company go from strength to strength.

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Have a Happy Halloween!

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