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Be an equality champion in 2018

The UK has championed workers’ rights and equality in the workplace for years. In fact, we are often looked upon by other countries as an example of good practice. But, 2017 has given us a full year to see the impact that the Brexit vote has had on equality and acceptance in society, including in the workplace.

Business leaders out there – please listen up and do your part. What are you doing to open your doors to equality and how can you achieve greater diversity of every type – gender, race, culture, education, age, sexual orientation?

Your maternity leave may be competitive, but is your paternity policy equally attractive and do you have formalised provisions for parents adopting? Can those without degrees look higher up the company structure and recognise a mentor?

Do you have benefits and policies that attract the best talent from any background? If the honest answer is no, you may not be reaching your full potential as a company.

Can you really pitch for that global ad campaign if no one in the team was born after 1992? Can you be a tech innovator when you’re ignoring that coding genius because she didn’t go to university? Will you do the best job possible without tapping in to the experience of a working parent because flexible working and job sharing have been overlooked?

Think about the potential if your workforce was diverse. Strive for that. Make it happen. Be a voice for equality and transparency in 2018.

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