Keeping up with workplace trends: part 2

Last month, we explored some of the key changes to workplace trends that business leaders should be preparing for. In part two, we delve in to the changes that could drastically impact the way a business is run on the day to day – often for the better. Top down structures are being phased out, going the way of annual appraisals and standard working days. Companies are now embracing leadership at every level of the business, creating a more independent and strategic employee. In the wake of Brexit and the snap election, a modern leadership style has become vital to a company’s success.

A flat structure
As employees are no longer being defined by their job description, businesses have begun to embrace a flat management structure. Hierarchical formats have become redundant as staff collaborate on projects regardless of their job title. What’s the result? Communication between team members has improved, not only streamlining business processes but also increasing staff morale. People are now following the ideals of the business, rather than the motivations of a few board members, ultimately benefitting the business and its clients.

Ethics over pay packet
The values of a business have become increasingly important in pursuit of successful staff retention and meaningful company loyalty. Employees are spending more time looking for real-life experiences on websites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn to form a better understanding of how the company operates. While a job may offer a great package or good prospects, candidates are now looking for a business that leads by example. In response, companies have now begun to clearly communicate the goals and direction of the business, establishing values that staff and prospective candidates can believe in.

Defining the character of a business
Saying that, a business cannot just propose a set of ethics and get back to business as usual. The company must make good on the values they stand by. The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is an innovative way to do this. The EVP’s unique set of benefits are personalised to both the employee and the business. It is more than the standard office party and allows the business to showcase its personality. Not only does the EVP help attract the best possible staff, but retained employees are more aligned with the company’s values, making for a stronger work culture.

Leadership has undergone a revolution; companies are adopting a more democratic approach with their employees and have created a stronger identity for the business.

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