Wellbeing at Work

Do what you love

Does being a successful entrepreneur always have to come at the expense of everything else?

For those who think work-life balance is a myth or an impossible luxury, perhaps I might just change your mind.

As almost every entrepreneur knows too well, founding and running a growing company can take a serious toll on your personal life.

The responsibility.

The long hours.

The unenviable stress.

The questions about your future.

The sleepless nights.

Very often, it can be a thankless existence that’s in stark contrast to the Hollywood portrayal of entrepreneurship:




And, unfortunately, that sometimes causes entrepreneurs to believe that if they don’t commit every waking hour to their business, they are doomed to fail.

Au contraire.

We could all probably use a reminder of the importance of work-life balance. Regardless of how much your entrepreneurial life requires you to devote to your work, knowing and loving your life and finding meaning in your days is what will ultimately contribute to the best work-life balance.

This is why the advice to, “do what you love,” is so incredibly important.

When you love your work and are passionate about what you’re doing every day, you’ll feel deeply satisfied. It balances life and work more organically because part of what you’d be doing in your “off time” is exactly what you’re doing in your working time.