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A New Journey

Welcome to JourneyHR. It’s good to see you.

If you’re an old friend of ours, you’ll notice we’ve redefined our brand, our website and, in fact, our entire positioning. If you’re new to JourneyHR we hope you will be impressed and excited about what we can do.

We’ve been on our Journey for approaching six years and, in this time, we’ve gone from “the Sue and Aliya show” to a team of six HR & Talent specialists.

We’ve laughed a lot, worked bloody hard and had the pleasure of engaging with some truly amazing clients.

Most of all we’ve really grown up as a business, moving from something that set out to fit in with our busy working-mum schedules to a fully-fledged HR consultancy with a team of Managers, Advisors and Administrators who provide a full-service offering to our clients.

Our biggest learning in all of this has been to ‘practice what we preach’. We’ve advised our clients on how to become employers of choice in our industry, offering wonderful benefits packages and some fantastic development opportunities. Having seen the impact of these best practice tools, we wanted to make sure we were mirroring as many of these ideas as possible ‘at home’.

We’re so proud of what working at JourneyHR represents; great coaching, creative co-learning, relevant and desirable employee benefits, collaboration and regular active feedback leading to continuous improvement. The rebrand is a reflection of our Journey to date; our ability to solve problems and influence positive change within the creative industry.

It’s also a commitment to where we’re going as we move forwards together with our clients to push the boundaries on people practices and create great places to work.