Case Studies

Scaling HR services… and winning awards for it too!

An agency client used our team to put in place a full HR service from the outset of their start-up. It was a strategic investment for a small agency with big people dreams. Our team scaled the HR & Talent agenda across every aspect of their business, so from initial offer letters and employment contracts through to bringing to life their culture with best practice employment approaches. The results speak for themselves with our client being in the Top 3 Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to work for and receiving CPD Gold from the IPA.

Board (re-)Direction

A social client of ours asked us to help with a growing, complex Board of Directors. By creating clarity in their roles and responsibilities at Board level, our approach ensured that each Director understood what deliverables and behaviours were agreed and expected of them. Keeping an eye on the Directors over the subsequent few months meant the initial traction was built upon to make a significant impact on the stability and ultimate growth potential of the business.

Power to the people

A client came to us with an under-performing team and a summary of the associated commercial headaches (structural and financial). By working with the incumbent HR team, we trained the line managers to performance-manage their teams within legal parameters and with a degree of independence, using clear guidelines around when to involve HR. A great result: the client teams settled down, productivity and quality increased and the HR team were able to think strategically instead of fire-fighting tactical issues.

It’s not how good you are it’s how good you want to be

Inspiring a team and being consistent every day is tough. Creating active job descriptions that are used throughout an employee’s life cycle is one step, however we regularly take our clients one step further by working with their teams to create Role Model Behaviours. Engaging with the team, asking them to identify what great behaviour looks like now and in the future is the starting point for a strategic approach to talent management. The behaviours that we co-create work to strengthen recruitment decisions, probation and appraisal feedback, decisions around career development and progression. Our frameworks sit at the very heart of our clients’ Talent strategy and help them identify and nurture their future potential.

Doing things changes things

Our clients work in a competitive marketplace where talent is scarce so we regularly work together with them to advise them on what they need to be doing to attract and retain their stars. No successful growing business can stand still. Our clients offer some of the best employee benefits packages in the industry and we work with them to ensure they are relevant, creative and innovative.

Creating a high performance culture

One of our digital clients asked us to facilitate change within their leadership team, to enable them to become a high performing team. We achieved this through a series of 1-1 coaching sessions informed by psychometric profiling and existing performance data. We then brought the team together for a one day team build to explore collective strengths and opportunities for ongoing performance improvement.

Sue Shaw and Aliya Vigor-Robertson