Calling all creatives who’ve taken on the HR mantle

At JourneyHR, we’re thrilled to be working with creative agencies that are really thriving. Memorable PR campaigns, award-winning design and innovative marketing concepts help our clients to showcase their talents and consistently stand out from the crowd.

Behind all of these campaigns are scores of talented people who bring these ideas to life every day – and who need to be properly managed, supported and developed. At the same time, they need to have fair and legal employment contracts, structured appraisals and clear HR policies.

Larger businesses have the luxury of turning to a dedicated HR department for this kind of support, but smaller creative agencies often rely on HR Administrators, Executive and Personal Assistants, and Office/Commercial Managers instead.

To address this gap, we’ve created a tailored ‘Introduction to HR’ course with creative agencies in mind. Rather than spending weeks discussing the non-essential, irrelevant elements of the job, our series of six two-hour sessions will equip participants with what they need to know to be a confident and knowledgeable HR practitioner in months, rather than years.

These interactive workshops will give agencies the grounding they need to come up with solutions that will protect and improve their business, giving practical application on best practice HR, with real life-examples covering everything from recruitment to redundancy.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet others who are working in this area, discuss similar challenges and work towards realistic solutions.

If you are, or work with, an aspiring HR professional or someone who is championing HR in your organisation, take a look at this course and ensure your business has an HR specialist with the confidence and conviction to help make your agency a great place to work.

To find out more about the course, get in touch at and sign up at